(Cryo Oxygen Microchannelling Collagen Induction Therapy) is the very latest in a rich history of award winning and industy revered skincare machines from Crystal Clear. It offers their simultaneous delivery of Cryo Oxygen whilst the unique Microchannelling Roller creates hundreds of microscopic channels in the skin’s epidermal/dermal junction, allowing the topical infusion of powerful skin rejuvenation ingredients to be driven into the skin. COMCIT works from the inside out, resulting in instantly smooth, fresh, firmer, plumper and more youthful skin, reduced lines and wrinkles, tauter and more rejuvenated skin and promotion of new collagen growth. Results are immediate and your skin will feel firmer from the very first treatment. For a total rejuvenated skin we recommend a course of 6 treatments taken 2 weeks apart.
COMCIT including OXYGEN(50 min)  95.00 (COURSE of 6 -  475.00)
COMCIT including MICRODERM (65 min) 105.00  ( COURSE of 6 - 525.00)