S.O.S Emergency Cream 50ml


S.O.S Emergency Cream 50ml


Intensive moisturiser

Benefits: Soothes, Comforts, Replenishes

This intensive daily moisturiser has been formulated to soothe sensitive, dry, blemish prone skin while replenishing skin’s hydration balance.

This 'ambulance in a bottle' moisturiser has been formulated to restore the skin's hydration level, whilst repairing and de-sensitizing blemish prone, dry or sensitive skin - fast.

    • A soothing, daily moisturiser for skin that is sensitive, irritated or has blemishes.

    • Rebalances and repairs inflamed and hormonal skin conditions.

    • Dab on to blemishes before bedtime and leave overnight to reduce redness and brewing.

    • Creates a great base for make-up.

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