Tried & Tested - Callus Peel

This month our 'Salon Spy' reviews Callus Peel...

"I suffer from hard skin and cracked heels which can be painful and is very unsightly. I have regular pedicures for this reason, and the callus peel treatment was recommended to me. I was informed by the therapist that I would notice the difference immediately, and that, as my heels were really cracked I would benefit from this being repeated at my next pedicure.

You can have the callus peel treatment on its own at a cost of £20, but it only costs £15 if you add it onto a pedicure. I definitely prefer to have the pedicure with the add-on callus peel - much more of a treat."     

The therapist applies the pads which are soaked in the peel solution to the badly affected parts of your feet, then the pads are secured inside poly bags; you are then treated to 10 minutes in warmed booties. I'm always offered a tea or coffee and magazine at this point as I can sit back and relax while the peel does its thing!

When the booties and callus peel are removed the therapist then buffs the hard skin - it always amazes me the amount of dead skin that is removed! Once this skin is buffed your feet are then moisturised, or if added onto a pedicure this may include a wonderful foot and lower leg massage.

After the first treatment the difference was incredible, and as recommended I had a second callus peel; my feet are now amazing.   I will continue to have this treatment as and when I feel I need the treatment - great value for money.

With Spring hopefully just round the corner it is time for sandals again! This treatment is a must for anyone who has cracked heels or who is embarrassed by their unsightly feet!"