Put your feet up: Reflexology Treatments

Feeling stressed? Lack energy? Have you thought of trying reflexology?

Reflexology is a complementary therapy with its roots in China and Ancient Egypt which works holistically to improve wellbeing and naturally restore balance to the whole body.

This completely safe treatment focuses on pressure points in the feet which are believed to be connected to different areas of the body. During reflexology, your therapist massages these pressure points to release tension, boost energy and create a calmer mind.

Reflexology expert Rosalyn Paton from Sleeping Beauty in Margaret Street explains which reflexology treatment is the right one for you.


Reflexology: the ancient art of healing

This ancient art of healing dates back thousands of years. Over time, practitioners developed a ‘map’ of the different pressure points in the hands and feet which, when massaged firmly, alleviate tensions in corresponding areas of the body.

Our hands and feet have similar pressure points, however, the feet are usually worked on as they tend to be more responsive to treatment than hands because they are usually covered by shoes and are therefore more sensitive. The right foot and hand represent the right side of the body, while the left foot and hand represent the left side.

Rosalyn explains, “Reflexology has a long history and is a very popular alternative therapy. Most of my clients describe feeling really uplifted and relaxed afterwards. I can reassure you it doesn’t make your feet feel ticklish; it’s very similar to a body massage, using a firm pressure which reaches and eases deep rooted tension.”

Traditionally, reflexology has been known to help a wide range of symptoms including stress, anxiety, headaches, sinus congestion, neck and back pain, digestive issues, hormone balancing and sleep problems.

“My favourite is the spine reflex, as it stimulates the whole body and contains pressure points for the 7 chakras to balance the body's energy system.”

“I really prefer reflexology as I find it helps me to totally relax, even more than when I have a massage… the feeling of ease and comfort seems to reach every part of your body.

For anyone who has not tried reflexology I would recommend doing so… it really needs to be done by somebody who knows what they are doing… thankfully "Sleeping Beauty" has experts in this treatment. Looking forward to my next session of reflexology with Rosalyn.”

– Carol Mason


Our reflexology treatments


“Our reflexology treatments combine therapeutic techniques with a pampering experience, in a luxurious setting” says Rosalyn.

We offer three treatments options which all include the fundamentals of reflexology. Every new treatment begins with your medical history to ensure our experienced team are fully aware of any health problems you may have. They then tailor the massage to your individual needs.

Rosalyn continues “Our standard reflexology treatment is a great place to start if you are new to this type of therapy. It’s incredibly soothing and gentle, leaving you relaxed and feeling calm.”

Reflexology cannot promise to prescribe, diagnose or cure an ailment, but it has been proven in some cases to help ease pain and strain. To find out more or to arrange a complimentary consultation, call your nearest Sleeping Beauty salon in Edinburgh, Inverness or Lerwick.


Hot stones with Reflexology for ultimate bliss

If you are looking for something more than just reflexology consider trying our Luxury Reflexology treatment. An hour of reflexology combined with a gorgeous hot stone foot soak, foot and lower leg exfoliation and followed by a heavenly hot stone foot massage.

“Clients love this treatment as they are receiving the health benefits of reflexology plus the lovely, relaxing hot stone massage, which is perfect for tired feet – it’s perfect bliss” enthuses Rosalyn. “Both you and your feet are left feeling refreshed, recharged and ready to take on the world again.”


Luxurious pedicure treatment with reflexology


“For a seriously sumptuous experience, I highly recommend the Lavender & Stone Reflexology Pedicure. It has everything you need for beautiful feet PLUS it includes effective reflexology, so not only will your feet feel divine but the rest of your body will too,” says Rosalyn.

This 90 minute treatment combines reflexology with a luxury pedicure. We start with an invigorating lavender salt scrub exfoliation, followed by a relaxing hot stone leg and foot massage and reflexology. We finish with a deluxe pedicure including nail shaping, cuticle work, hard skin removal and a polish of your choice.

Your feet will be preened, pampered and wonderfully soft, whilst our dedicated therapists ease away the stresses of everyday life in the rest of your body.


Treat your body and mind at Sleeping Beauty

Reflexology provides a range of benefits and is so much more than just a pamper treatment. It can help ease aches and pains as well as uplifting your general mood and instilling calm in your body. Our treatments with our added extras ensure you enjoy a truly indulgent holistic experience.

Like to know more? Have some questions? Book a complimentary consultation with a member of our friendly team – they’d be delighted to answer your questions...