Male Grooming is a Must-Have Today

Male grooming is no longer a niche thing, it’s a necessity. Modern men all over the world want to look fantastic at any age; after all why should women get all the help? There are countless skin and body treatments available specifically for men and salons are no longer female-only zones.

At Sleeping Beauty we cater for men too and often find ladies are encouraging their guys to visit us. Soap and water no longer cut it…


Top 4 Most Popular Male Grooming Treatments

New to grooming?  Don’t worry, we’ve rounded up the top four treatments guaranteed to have you looking and feeling your best…


1. Manscaping is the Modern Way

Today hair removal or ‘manscaping’ as it is often known, is considered not just practical but also polite. If your partner is keeping their body neat and tidy, perhaps you should too.

Waxing is the quickest and easiest hair removal method for most men as it ensures a smoother, cleaner finish with less irritation than shaving. Plus it also lasts much longer as it pulls the hair from the root.

While it’s the perfect choice for holidays, many modern men wax throughout the year to keep their bodies effortlessly smooth. And before you ask, it doesn’t have to be painful if done by an experienced waxing professional.

Waxing is ideal for body hair on the chest and back, and perfect for smaller areas such as that monobrow. If you’re a manscaping virgin why not book a complimentary consultation with one of our male waxing specialists? We’ll explain the process, allay any concerns and recommend what is best for you. Just call your nearest Sleeping Beauty salon or take a look at our Male Grooming Treatment menu.


2. Facials for Fellas

Facials are suitable for both men and women and provide a range of skincare benefits. Our facial specialist Gabriela Brodowska explains: “Men have completely different skin to women; it’s thicker, hairier and produces more oil so naturally requires a different skincare regime. A specialist facial can be tailored to your individual needs ensuring all of your skin concerns are met, whether you suffer from spots, oiliness, dryness or wrinkles”.

Facials are fantastic soothing treatments for irritated skin caused by shaving. They are also great pre-shave prep as they smooth skin and bumps for an easier shave. Not to mention are incredibly relaxing and provide a noticeable difference to your complexion.

At Sleeping Beauty we offer specialist facials especially designed to address men’s skin concerns and our in-depth consultation at every visit ensures you receive the optimal treatment for your skincare needs.


3. Why Men Need Manicures & Pedicures

Regardless of gender, people notice dirty, unkempt nails and crusty callused feet, so it’s important to look after them. Manicures and pedicures are not just beauty treatments for women; they are essentials for men too. Think clean and smart rather than polished and pretty.

Avoid a holiday horror and take a leaf out of David Beckhams’s grooming book - arrange to see a professional pre-break to ensure your feet are flip-flop-ready. Treat yourself to our specialised Callus Peel to target hard, cracked heels and involves a rigorous skin buff plus a deep moisture treatment.


4. Massage is Body and Mind Maintenance

Massages are wonderfully relaxing and ideal for de-stressing the body and mind. Therapist Gabriela tells us “There is a greater emphasis on well-being in these modern manic times. I find clients want to take care of their bodies but also their minds, so regularly book in for a rejuvenating massage. I love to see clients feeling physically and mentally invigorated after a treatment”.

Massages provide a wide range of benefits including improved circulation and release of deep muscle tension. These luxury treatments are perfect for pampering but are also super effective for those needing a regular pick-me-up.

Top Tips for Easy Guy Grooming

  • The key to grooming is establishing a routine, once you’ve been doing it awhile it becomes habit.

  • Use correct products for your skin type. Definitely don’t just steal your partner’s - women’s skincare needs are completely different to men’s so use a male specific range.

  • Learn to shave properly (never against the grain) to ensure a smooth, easy shave with less irritation. Include a pre-shave product and post shave balm.

  • Book future appointments before leaving the salon, to ensure you are prepared for that special event or holiday - don’t leave it until the last minute.

  • Pamper yourself once in a while with massages and facials, not only will they provide external benefits but are a pleasant and relaxing experience.

  • Moisturise everyday and use a sun protection cream of at least SPF to protect your skin from cancer and premature skin ageing.

Men Deserve to Look & Feel Their Best

Male grooming is no longer reserved for models and Hollywood stars, it’s a staple for all men who want to improve what nature gave them. Besides why should girls be the only ones to look and feel good every day? We look forward to seeing you in salon guys…

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