Beauty tips and tricks for pregnancy

Pregnancy is a wonderful thing and a truly enjoyable time for a lot of women. However it can also at times be uncomfortable, stressful and make your body feel completely different to the way it was before. It's important for mums to not only take care of their babies during this period but also themselves.

Our senior beauty therapist Laura has recently given birth to a beautiful baby girl. She talks us through the treatments she found most effective (and enjoyable) during her pregnancy.


Foot treatments and massages beat pregnancy aches and pains

As your bump grows bigger you will start to feel more pressure on your feet and legs due to carrying an extra load.

“During the later stages of my pregnancy I definitely suffered with swollen feet due to the extra weight, being on my feet a lot and the warmer summer months. I could barely reach my feet to apply moisturiser let alone buff away the dry skin. Professional foot treatments have been my saviour!” says Laura.

Our Foot Relief treatment includes a mineral-rich foot soak, exfoliation and luxurious lower leg and foot massage leaving your tootsies, soft, smooth and soothed. It is particularly effective at targeting the signs of poor circulation and swelling due to water retention.


Soothe pregnancy aches and pains with a specialist massage

Your feet are not the only area to show signs of pregnancy stress. Aching backs, stiff hips and sore thighs can also cause much discomfort for soon-to-be mums. Full body massages can be incredibly relaxing experiences, soothing away aches and pains and provide much needed rest time for tired pregnant ladies.

Laura explains “The lower back and hip pain was unbearable at times. I found the Pregnancy Full Body Massage really eased the tension and felt so relaxed and calm afterwards.”

The Pregnancy Massage is available as a full body massage or back, neck and shoulder treatment. Our highly trained therapists will carefully position your body on a specialised bump-bag, to ease the strain on your lower back and ensure you are comfortably and safely supported throughout the treatments.

A beautiful blend of pregnancy specific oils are used to melt away tension helping the mind and body unwind.


New mums can feel fabulous after a facial

Laura feels “My skin was so oily during my pregnancy. My make-up struggled to stay in place and I didn’t feel like my usual skincare regime was working.”

Pregnancy hormones can play havoc with your complexion. Women often find they experience skin flare ups which they have never encountered before. Relax, this is completely normal but you don’t have to suffer. Simple additions to your usual skincare routine can make the world of difference.

We offer expert facials specifically designed for pregnant ladies and appreciate that complexions can be a lot more sensitive during this period, so tailor the treatments to your individual needs. Highly concentrated essentials oils and acids are avoided to prevent unwanted reactions and are replaced by gentle, soothing ingredients which have been certified safe for use during pregnancy.

“The Mum-To-Be facial was possibly my favourite pregnancy treatment as it deeply cleansed and exfoliated my clogged skin without being too harsh”, enthuses Laura.

“I also love the included neck and shoulder massage-pure bliss.”

Our Mum-To-Be Facial lasts for 60 minutes however we also offer a ‘mini’ version for busy mums on the go.


Easy hair removal for mums-to-be

Many ladies like to continue their beauty regimes throughout their pregnancies so they feel in tip-top condition from head-to-toe. Waxing is still the most popular hair removal method and is incredibly easy and effective at eliminating unwanted body hair.

Laura suggests “If you regularly waxed before, I recommend continuing throughout your pregnancy. It’s perfectly safe to do so and it really made me feel like myself, not to mention it felt great knowing my bikini area was nice and tidy for labour.”

Waxing is suitable for almost any part of the body and particularly convenient for pregnant clients in the later stages of pregnancy – no more struggling to shave your legs or trim your bikini line.

It doesn’t have to hurt either-if conducted by a professional the procedure is quick, easy and relatively pain-free.

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Hospital bag beauty essentials for child birth

Laura has packed the all important hospital bag, so she’s ready when the time comes to meet her baby. “As well as the baby necessities I’ve also included my beauty must-haves to make sure I look and feel my best post birth.”

Her top picks:

  • Elemis Maximum Moisture Day Cream
  • Dr Paw Paw Lip Balm
  • Elemis Pro Radiance Illuminating Eye Balm
  • Spongelle

“The Elemis cream and balm are super moisturising and a great pick-me-up for tired skin. I also love the Dr Paw Paw balm – it has so many uses and keeps my lips really soft” says Laura.

She continues “A spongelle has become a staple in my daily routine – the sponges lather really well, smell divine and leave my body feeling refreshed and revitalised. I definitely needed this after child birth!”

All of our Sleeping Beauty salons offer a range of pregnancy specific individual treatments. In addition our Great Expectations and Pregnancy Pamper packages include combinations of massage, facials and foot treatments for a seriously sumptuous experience for excited mums-to-be.

Modern mothers are starting to realise that just because you’re pregnant, it doesn’t mean you can’t look and feel beautiful. All women deserve to be pampered.

For more information on our pregnancy treatments, a chat about any pregnancy beauty concerns you have or to book please get in touch with your local Sleeping Beauty salon...