Fight Ageing with Elemis BIOTEC Facials

You can’t stop ageing, but you can slow down the effects. If you’re finding your usual creams aren’t working it may be time to try an Elemis BIOTEC treatment.

Anti-ageing specialist Zoe Finlayson from our Margaret Street salon describes how these highly-targeted and clinically proven facials can stave off those tell-tale signs ageing.


Prevent wrinkles with Elemis BIOTEC facials


Zoe explains, “We introduced BIOTEC last summer when it first launched. Over the last 12 months we’ve seen some stunning results and our clients keep telling us how they love the difference it’s making to their skin.

 “The treatments offer a more powerful answer to anti-ageing than regular facials and are completely safe, painless and non-invasive. I suggest combining them with your usual skincare routine to help keep those wrinkles at bay.”

“I have been having the BIOTEC facial at Sleeping Beauty for several months now and the results are amazing...” 

Sleeping Beauty client: Fiona Bown

Elemis BIOTEC facials blend advanced innovative technology with super activating balms and gel masks, for noticeable and long-term results.

The state-of-the-art machine combines a tailored mix of micro-currents, light therapy, ultrasonic peels, galvanic stimulation and blasts of 95% oxygen fusions for a full comprehensive anti-ageing solution.


Turn back the clock with BIOTEC Line Eraser


A rejuvenating anti-ageing treatment which specifically targets wrinkles and fine lines, the BIOTEC Line Eraser turns back the clock on tired-looking complexions.

“If wrinkles are a major concern, then this is the treatment for you. It plumps and revitalises slackened and lack-lustre skin, smoothing away creases and fine lines,” recommends Zoe.

Advanced micro-current pulses stimulate skin cells, improve circulation and increase collagen and elastin for a noticeably firmer and toned effect. The facial also includes calming red and blue light therapy and a blast of revitalising oxygen, for smoother, younger-looking skin.

“Don’t just take my word for it,” says Zoe. “Elemis conducted an independent clinical trial and 100% of women noticed a visible and dramatic reduction in lines and wrinkles after a BIOTEC Line Eraser facial.* The results speak for themselves.”

*Independent Clinical Trials 2014. **Independent Clinical Trials Self Assessment 2014.


A younger looking, glowing complexion

“Many beauty products claim to give you that “lit from within glow” but they only deal with the surface of the skin. Our Elemis BIOTEC treatments go deeper, sloughing away ageing skin cells whilst activating your body’s own rejuvenation processes, for naturally radiant results,” says Zoe.

“I have had some fabulous results for clients with the BIOTEC Skin Resurfacer facial. It  tackles uneven skin tone, blemishes and fine lines harnessing an ultrasonic peel containing Lactic and Hyaluronic acids plus Sandalwood, Lemon and Thyme oils.”

“…My skin looked immediately firmer with fine lines less prominent. The next day it looked even better and was soft and glowing.” 

Sleeping Beauty client: Fiona Bown

The treatment includes steam to extract and cleanse deep impurities, while light therapy calms and restores balance. The result says Zoe, “is a refreshed, clear and soft complexion with fine lines and pigmentation reduced.”

In an independent clinical trial in 2014 for Elemis 96% of women said this is the most effective skin smoothing and resurfacing facial they have ever had.**

**Independent Clinical Trials Self Assessment 2014.


Anti-ageing solution for men


Facials aren’t just for women; guys’ skin can also benefit significantly from the revolutionary technology used in a BIOTEC facial.

“Our BIOTEC Super-Charger for Men is the perfect solution especially if your face is beginning to show the effects of a demanding professional or personal life,” explains Zoe. “The high-performance, tailored treatment is super hydrating whilst deeply exfoliating through a triple hit of galvanic current, ultra sonic peeling and steam.

“Skin actives Kalpariane and Samphire are included for their effective anti-wrinkle properties and the facial concludes with a blast of oxygen to refresh a fatigued complexion. Your face will feel renewed, restored and noticeably younger,” enthuses Zoe.

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Technology is the key to looking younger

“...The results last for weeks and I usually go every 4-6 weeks to maintain the results.  I never thought I would replace my Elemis Marine Cream but would now never use anything but the Biotec Moisturiser.”

Sleeping Beauty client: Fiona Bown

Don’t just settle for conventional anti-ageing methods; advanced beauty technology is now widely available and affordable, giving you that sought-after youthful boost without having to undergo invasive surgical treatments.

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