Salon Spy tries Lash Lift Perm

This treatment sounded just what I was looking for – low maintenance that lasts 6-12 weeks, giving length, volume and lift without lash extensions!

I took some before and after photos to show the difference: I was amazed as I have quite short lashes, but this treatment seemed to open my eyes, brighten my face, and make me look younger!

Firstly, at least 24 hours before the treatment, I had to have a patch test which was fine. 

My therapist took me through and looked at the length of my lashes and then explained what would happen.  It was just like going back to the 80s when perming your hair was all the rage!  You get different sized moulds which the lashes are adhered to depending on the length of your lashes.  As mine were short, we went for the medium size which would show the curl better.  The mould is glued to your upper eyelid, then your lashes and perming lotion (which smells just like the hair-perming lotion) are adhered to the mould and your eyes are covered in a film to retain heat for 15 minutes.  It was not painful at all.  Then after 15 minutes the fixing lotion is applied, and new film is applied to retain warmth.  Following this the moulds are removed, and the glue cleaned off your eyelids, before you get your tint done as normal. 

Finally, you get a conditioner applied to your eyelashes, and are given details of aftercare.  I was given an eyelash brush to use on my lashes a few times for the next day or two, and told to keep my lashes out of water until the following day.  The results are fantastic, but if you had long lashes I would imagine it would be amazing!