Introducing NovaLash eyelash extensions

Introducing NovaLash eyelash extensions

Do you yearn for long, luscious natural-looking eyelashes?

If you suffer from sparse, short eyelashes, or just want a sexy flutter, NovaLash professional eyelash extensions could be the answer.

NovaLash is a global leader in safe, fabulous, flawless eyelash extensions that enhance your eyes’ natural beauty.

Lash expert Charlotte Scannell from our William Street Edinburgh beauty salon explores the facts behind NovaLash eyelash extensions and banishes a few myths along the way.


Why choose NovaLash eyelash extensions


Founded in 2004 by biologist and cosmetic chemist, Sophy Merszei, NovaLash is one of the leading international eyelash extension brands. “They are highly reputable, look gorgeous and are trusted by thousands of women across the world,” explains Charlotte .

“Our clients love NovaLash as they are longer-lasting, require little maintenance and virtually no downtime. With NovaLash extensions you usually need maintenance once every 4 weeks compared to twice a month with other brands.”

NovaLash also offer a wide choice of lash lengths, thickness and curls enabling us to create a beautiful bespoke look to suit your eyes, face and personality. So whether you favour a natural-looking finish or a more dramatic statement we can achieve the right results for you.


How long does it take to apply lash extensions?

Applying a full set of extensions takes between 1.5 and 2 hours with one of our highly trained therapists, and is a relaxing experience.  

To maintain your gorgeous new eyelashes we recommend the NovaLash Aftercare Kit (stocked in salon) which includes:

  • cleanLASH: 3-in-1 makeup remover, cleanser, and conditioning pads which are saturated with pomegranate seed oil for nourishing the eye area. These specially woven, lint-free pads do not catch the extensions or leave behind fibres like cotton balls or normal pads.
  • Mascara: Specifically formulated for use with NovaLash adhesives.
  • LASHwand: Does not snag or catch extensions as a metal or plastic comb may.


Are they comfortable to wear?

NovaLash’s adhesive is rubberised so the extensions bend and flex with your natural lashes creating a more comfortable, softer wear while making the extensions last longer.


Can NovaLash extensions damage your own lashes?

“It’s a myth”, explainsCharlotte, “that lash extensions ruin your own eyelashes. If applied correctly by a professional they are safe and do not cause damage. Just be careful not to vigorously rub your eyes or pull on the extensions as this can cause lash loss and even damage your natural eyelashes.”

At Sleeping Beauty we always carry out a precautionary allergy skin test before your first treatment to ensure your well-being.


How long do NovaLash extensions last?


Professional extensions don’t damage your natural eyelashes and can be worn all year with minimal monthly maintenance. Each extension lash is attached to a single natural eyelash, so they fall out naturally when the natural lash sheds. “We recommend a touch-up every three to four weeks,” says Charlotte.

NovaLash has created a unique technique that allows your extensions to look natural as they shed between infill appointments. Often you’ll see someone wearing extensions that look messy, but this is eliminated with the NovaLash technique.


NovaLash eyelashes are effortless to wear

You may have heard that extensions can be tricky to live with - ‘don’t get lashes wet for 24 hours’ or ‘don’t expose to steam’ and ‘don’t use oil-based facial products’. Unlike many brands NovaLash lashes are oil-proof and instantly waterproof which means you can immediately swim, shower or sauna.

You don’t have to worry about your make-up either as with NovaLash you can continue using oil-based products on and around the lashes.

“Most clients find they don’t need to wear mascara on a day-to-day basis with extensions. Wear your other usual eye make-up and for a more dramatic look add the lightest touch of mascara, applying to just the lash tips to highlight your eyes beautifully,” recommends Charlotte.

Sleeping Beauty stock the NovaLash Mascara which is adhesive friendly, helps fill in the lash line where extensions may have shed (keeping a full look as your touch-up appointment approaches) and is easily removed with NovaLash’s conditioning/cleansing pads.

NovaLash extensions are available at Sleeping Beauty Margaret Street Inverness book here or call 01463 217985, William Street Edinburgh book here or call 01312 027559 and our Lerwick salon book here or call 01595 720256.

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